What’s In a Name??

By: Vytas Kisielius, CEO, ReferWell.

We recently made a change that we feel is significant, for more than just symbolic purposes: we changed our company’s name from Urgent Consult to ReferWell.

Here’s our new logo:

We believe it’s important that you know what we’re about, which is to help you improve and streamline the broken and inefficient referral process that prevails in our industry today.

When we say we want to help you to refer well, we mean it across a number of dimensions:

  • First, the administrative process itself, which today involves more phone and fax time (up to 10 minutes per referral) than is necessary. With ReferWell, the process is complete in under 3 minutes – adding up to a savings of 2 hours per day, based on the average office’s daily referral volume!

  • Second, the patient experience, which today involves their being tasked with finding, confirming insurance coverage, and then scheduling an appointment with the right doctor. All told, that hassle contributes to the finding that nearly half of all referrals never get followed through as a visit. With ReferWell’s ability to schedule the specialist appointment at the point of care, we’ve cut the no-show rate to as low as 10% -- which represents a more than 50% increase in the volume of visits making it to specialists’ offices!

  • Third, the sad reality is that patient clinical information including the actual reason for the referral rarely gets to the specialist, and the consult report gets back to the referring physician even less often. This results in wasted time at the specialist office at best, and at worst, crucial diagnostic insights are not being shared nor getting back into the patient’s comprehensive medical record at their primary doctor. ReferWell enables both the referring and consulting physician to share notes and reports simply and painlessly, regardless of the EMR system each is using, leading to better coordination of care and outcomes for patients.

  • Finally, the fact that referrals happen all the time but are essentially an ad hoc process means that few providers get good analytical insight into the referral patterns and practices that could be improved. ReferWell fixes that, with comprehensive reporting and analytical tools that allow providers to get a better handle on what is going on, who is collaborating more responsively and fully, and ways to improve the patient care by directing referrals more intentionally.

It all adds up to greater well-ness: more efficient administrative handling, better patient compliance, increased coordination of care and timelier insights into how to continually improve the process of helping patients get well better and faster.